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Brief Introduction To The Platform

Welcome to tradewithstan, our fully autonomous online copy trading platform. Our platform is a sophisticated fully automated copy trading system that replicates @the.trading.channel's trades and orders onto your own personal trading accounts even when you are sleeping.

We understand that trading is difficult, time consuming and regular trading hours are just not feasible for the majority of us. Trading can also be very expensive to learn so we have developed our own copy trading platform to allow us to trade for you for a very reasonable subscription fee.

Once you have subscribed to our services (additional setup required for moomoo accounts), your account is now ready for copy trading and no human intervention will be required. Our platform will take over and automatically manage your account for you for as long as you have an active subscription with us.

Update: We have recently added an even more affordable subscription plan at just $99 SGD/month and this plan allows you to use up to $20,000 US Dollars for copy trading! This new plan is perfect for those who are looking to test out our copy trading platform first before scaling in more funds in the future.

Risk Disclosure

Please click here to read our risk disclosure and disclaimers.

Terms And Conditions

Please click here to read our terms and conditions before subscribing to any of our services.

Privacy Policy

Please click here to read our privacy policy before subscribing to any of our services.

Whenever @the.trading.channel places a trade in his personal account, our platform will automatically replicate the same trade by scaling the quality according to your account's size before placing the trade onto your own trading account for you. All this within seconds from when he places the trade in his own personal account and when you are sound asleep during trading hours!

With many other sophisticated algorithms in place, our platform will automatically manage your account for you and ensure that you will only receive the most suitable trades for your account. The whole process is fully automated and does not require any human intervention. All you need to do is to connect your Tiger Brokers or moomoo trading account to our online platform and you are all set!

Long Term Copy Trading

Entirely different. tradewithstan's long-term trades will NOT be posted publicly on Telegram and Instagram but instead, it will be another set of stocks based on a very different set of entry rules. Usually stocks that have higher market capitilisation, "value play" and also stocks that have lower volatility to prevent huge fluctuations in the short term. E.g. the.trading.channel will not be entering securities like COIN or SMCI for tradewithstan as they are too volatile by nature.

Click here to read more about @the.trading.channel's recent response and clarifications regarding tradewithstan.
You should NOT be expecting unrealistic or massive returns such as 7-10% per month as this is not day trading, not swing trading but instead, we replicate @the.trading.channel's long-term portfolio. Potential returns for our long-term copy trading version is estimated to be around 10% to 20% per year (Disclaimer: Non Guaranteed) as a conservative gauge.

tradewithstan aims to help beat typical assets returns and our potential returns is already considered to be relatively high and reasonable as compared to other financial assets out there such as fixed deposits (3-4% p.a) or bonds (3-6% p.a) or even property rental yields (2-5% p.a).

If you are hoping to turn $50k into $300k or $400k within a year, this is definitely not for you. If you have spare $50k sitting in cash or in a bank and you don't know what to do with it, scared to enter the market or just simply don't have the time to learn trading on your own but you still want to beat inflation, this is the platform for you!

Our platform currently supports both Tiger Brokers and moomoo trading accounts. We highly recommend using a Tiger Brokers trading account for the easiest and quickest way to connect your account with our platform. You can easily open a new Tiger Brokers trading account and get it approved on the same day if you use SingPass for verification!
Our subscription fees starts from just $99 SGD/month and it will also depend on the total amount of capital (USD) that you want our copy trading service to use from your trading account. We will not take commissions from any profits that we have made for you through our copy trading service. You will keep it all.

For our $99 SGD/month subscription plan, we will allow up to a total maximum capital amount of $20,000 US Dollars to be used for copy trading from your trading account. We have other subscription plans available if you are interested to use more than $20,000 US Dollars from your trading account for our copy trading service.

We only charge our subscription fees and nothing else. No hidden charges, no automatic charges and no automatic renewals. We also do NOT charge commissions from your profits as well.

Regarding subscription renewals, you will receive both SMS and email a month before your current subscription expires. The SMS & email will contain a special link that you can use to make payment to renew your subscription if you would like to.

You can click here to get started now by creating an account in our Client Portal.
Our copy trading service will be using the money (US Dollars) from within your trading account to place trades, therefore, you must already have an approved Tiger Brokers or moomoo trading account with funds already deposited and converted to US Dollars before you proceed to subscribe to our service.

Your account must have at least $1,000 US Dollars in your trading account in order to use our service but we do not recommend using our copy trading service with such a small sum of capital as your potential returns will not be significant.

If you are looking to test out our platform first before scaling in more funds in the future, our new subscription plan (Basic Plan) is perfect for this as the plan only cost $99 SGD/month and we allow you to use up to $20,000 US Dollars from your trading account for copy trading!

This is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme where we tell you that you can expect to make large unrealistic profits within a short period of time.
This is nothing like it and we do not advocate such services at all.
We cannot guarantee that you will even make money from using our services as trading is unpredicatable and difficult.
Your performance is likely going to be similar to the trader that we are copying from but there is also still a chance that your performance might be entirely different.
We shall classify our services as a high risk copy trading service as we cannot guarantee you anything and there is still a high possibility where you might end up losing more money than what you have started with.
Please consider your financial position very carefully first before you use any of our services.
We are not responsible for any losses in your account and we will not provide any sort of compensation to you.


Risk Disclosure: Trading or investing whether on margin or otherwise carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all persons. Leverage can work against you as well as for you. Before deciding to trade or invest you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and ability to tolerate risk. The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment or even more than your initial investment and therefore you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. You should be aware of all the risks associated with trading and investing, and seek advice from an independent financial advisor if you have any doubts. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

tradewithstan's trades will be position and investment trades that consists of both ETFs and individual stocks where @the.trading.channel will typically hold for at least a month to a few months before selling off to take profit.

Our Blog Posts Check out our blog posts where we will post matters anywhere from technical updates to updates from the.trading.channel himself!